Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Read the Holy Bible at your own pace

There are many ways in which to read the Bible.

But if I make a suggestion.  Let the Holy Spirit fill you and lead you to read the Bible at your own pace.  Over the years, I've read single chapters over and over again in a single week--and have written about them on this blog.

Reading the Bible isn't a race.  Savor His words in His Holy Book.  It doesn't matter if it takes you years to actually finish it.  As long as you enjoy it, study it, and learn from it.  Let the words guide you in your daily walk with Christ Jesus.

Also, the Bible isn't a book to read only once.  Read it again and again.  You'd be surprised, at various points in your life, where certain passages ring through at just the right moment.  That's God speaking His Holy words in His Holy Bible.

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