Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Purifying the stew

Still in the 4th chapter of 2 Kings, starting with verse 38, Elisha came to a land where there was a great famine.  He advised them to set out a large pot and boil stew.

The servants didn't know what they were gathering out in the wild, and soon discovered that they had inadvertently put in a poisonous herb.  They cried out to the Lord and Elisha told them to bring flour, as the Lord had told him.  He poured flour in and the stew was good to eat.

Afterward, a man brought him twenty loaves of barley and fresh grain.  Elisha ordered them to give what they brought to the men, but the man was puzzled, for there was not enough.  Elisha said that the Lord told him to feed the men and there will be plenty left.

It was done.

And there was plenty.  All done as the Lord told him.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Shunammite Woman and her son

Starting at the eighth verse of 2 Kings, chapter 4, whenever the prophet Elisha went to Shunem, a wealthy woman would invite him in to eat.

One day, this woman told her husband to make a room for him, complete with furnishings.  Elisha was grateful for her generosity and asked what he could do for her.  She was content as she was, but their servant advised him that they did not have a son.

Elisha told the woman that when he returned next year, she would have a son.  She did not believe him, but indeed it came true.

The child grew up, and one day he complained of a headache.  His mother knew of only one solution: she needed to find Elisha.  When she brought him back, the child was already dead.  That was when Elisha prayed to the Lord.

A miracle happened.  Her son soon came back to life, just as the Lord promised!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Read the Holy Bible at your own pace

There are many ways in which to read the Bible.

But if I make a suggestion.  Let the Holy Spirit fill you and lead you to read the Bible at your own pace.  Over the years, I've read single chapters over and over again in a single week--and have written about them on this blog.

Reading the Bible isn't a race.  Savor His words in His Holy Book.  It doesn't matter if it takes you years to actually finish it.  As long as you enjoy it, study it, and learn from it.  Let the words guide you in your daily walk with Christ Jesus.

Also, the Bible isn't a book to read only once.  Read it again and again.  You'd be surprised, at various points in your life, where certain passages ring through at just the right moment.  That's God speaking His Holy words in His Holy Bible.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Filling jars of oil

The 4th chapter of 2 Kings starts with a wife of a prophet's son.  She cried out to Elisha that her husband was dead and creditors were coming to take away her two children as slaves in order to pay her debts.

Elisha asked what she had in her house.  She had nothing, except a single jar of oil.

At once, Elisha ordered her to gather up as many empty vessels as she could, even borrowing them from her neighbors.  She filled each vessel until finally all were filled.  That was when there was no more oil.

Elisha then told her to sell all of the oil, and with the money she could pay her debts as well as live comfortably on the rest.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Power of the Lord's Prayer

There's no doubt about it.  The Lord's Prayer is powerful.

There are nights when my mind turns over and over again, troubled by whatever aches at me.  But there's a trick to calming my mind, and it works every single time.

The Lord's Prayer.

Say it.  Repeat it.  Slowly, if you need to.  Savor every single word.

The Lord and His Prayer brings the ultimate peace.  His Prayer is powerful.

Whenever you find yourself troubled, find a quiet place . . . and recite the Lord's Prayer.

And you too will find peace.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Turning your back to God, only to discover you need Him

In the book of 2 Kings, chapter 3, Jehoram reigned over Israel for twelve years.  He was a wicked man--but not so much as his father Ahab.  He destroyed the pillar of Baal, but he still clung to the worship of idols.

In Ahab's day, the king of Moab gave an annual tribute of lambs and wool.  Now, he refused.  Jehoram ordered the king of Judah to fight against the people of Moab, and he did as he was told.  But during their travels, they discovered lack of water for their men and horses.

The king of Judah asked for a prophet.  Elisha appeared.  But Elisha refused to help.  Judah begged and begged, and Elisha said that the Lord will fill the valley with water.

The next day, water appeared.  But the people of Moab knew of the oncoming army, fought, and was killed.  In the end, the king of Moab sacrificed his oldest son, much to the disgust of the Israeli people.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The death of Elijah

In the book of 2 Kings, chapter 2, Elijah and Elisha were on their way to Gilgal.  Elijah knew he was soon to be taken up to Heaven.

Elijah wants Elisha to leave him, but Elisha would not.  Their sons in Bethel joined them on their journey, and they too would not leave them.

They traveled on to Jordan where even more joined in their journey.  All the way they said, "As long as the Lord lives, and you live, we will not leave you."  Along the Jordan River, Elijah struck the water and it parted like Moses and the Red Sea.

On the other side, a whirlwind of fire came down from Heaven and took Elijah to his place by God.  Elisha took Elijah's cloak, tore it in two, and struck the water as Elijah did.  And for him too the waters parted.

The spirit of Elijah was in Elisha.  Those he met bowed to him in honor of the Lord.