Sunday, May 14, 2017


In the book of 2 Samuel, chapter 20, it starts out with a man named Sheba.  Sheba is described as a worthless person, someone who is a scoundrel.

Sheba leads a number of Israelites away from David, but there are still those deeply loyal to David.

The king of Israel then sends a man named Amasa and Abishai, who then warns them about Sheba.  Then they met Joab, who was captain of David's loyal bodyguards.  Joab stabbed Amasa, as he is careless with his weapons, and then they march on to Sheba.

This is, perhaps, where the tales turns to the weird.  Sheba hides out in a city of his clan, but when Joab and his men arrive and are about to besiege the city, a wise woman asks them about their business.  When Joab informs her they are there to capture Sheba, something unknown happens and Sheba is beheaded--his head is thrown over the wall to Joab as proof of his death.

Joab then returns to the king and David.

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